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September 09, 2008


Maria Mohan


I also got 1 wrong on the US test re: year the Constitution was written. To my defense, AP US history was taken 15 years ago. Our test would require mere wrote memorization from what I gleaned in taking that test. I like the following Indian cultural literacy test below and would appreciate if the US citizenship test took some tips from it. Also, there seems to be buzz about a German citizenship test. I still remember Philip Sack saying the anything nationalistic-oriented in Germany remains suspect, so your blog got me reading and interested in the debate. Thanks. See below; very funny.

There are Citizenship tests and there are citizenship tests ! U.S Citizenship test, Indian Citizenship test - you name it - although in reality, we are all citizens of a virtual country called Non-Resident India. If they ever decide to have a NRI citizenship test, this will be it.




Thanks for writing and the link.

Adi and I both write for this blog, but he hasn't done so lately; but I hope he checks out the site every now and then - and gets to see your comment.

My posts are always tagged "Posted by 十兵 (jubei)", and his are "Posted by Kolahun", so readers can tell us apart.

Thanks, again.


Maria Mohan


Thanks for your comments and clarification. I did not realize Adi had a friend writing with him. Our residencies in IM overlapped by one year, and I'm still here in NOLA, a clinical instructor/hospitalist for LSU at the University Hospital. Are you practicing here too?

I'll look forward to keeping up with your blog.


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